Facing the great industrial changes represented by the increase in work, GEOMARES SAS maintains all the areas of performance updated according to Quality, Safety and Environment, seeking to cover the legal, ethical and professional needs demanded by the national and international market. That is why we comply with sound policies in the prevention and promotion of health by contemplating the management system on the premises of sustainable development for environmental care and analysis of risk factors that affect health.

Our culture is based on the strong and unavoidable commitment to health and safety in each and every one of our activities. We believe that worrying precisely about each detail, as well as careful planning, permit controlling management of the project and provides greater feasibility of carrying it out effectively.

Part of our commitment to safety, health, security, and environmental (HSE) management plays an important role in all of our activities by means of strong safety programs in the area of ​​security, encouraging people to allow us to achieve the objective: zero accidents and zero damage to the environment, thus consolidating the commitment of the General Directorate for our declared HSE principles. We also strive to provide a safe and sound work environment to help achieve the quality of our projects.

We apply an Integrated Quality Management System for Safety and Environment that hopes to achieve complete satisfaction of the demands expressed by our Clients for each one of our projects.

Our QHSE objectives are achieved thanks to the assimilation and proactive understanding of the company’s general QHSE policy, its Management System, and the continuous improvement of this policy. Each project implements the QHSE Management System adapted to the needs and its own Manuals (Handbooks/Guidelines, based on the general QHSE policy and the Company’s QHSE Management System, which have been developed over the years of experience and the lessons learned in major recent projects.

Our present and future success, depends on the high quality of our services and our own QHSE Management System.